What is JA Company Programme?

JA Company Programme (JA CP) provides an entrepreneurial learning experience for young people aged 14-18. The programme seeks to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurial, innovative and civic-minded talents for Hong Kong. It is one of the largest youth entrepreneurship programs in Hong Kong. Participants will have hands-on experience of running a real business.

Program Highlights


JA CP 2020/21 will commence in October 2020. Students will form a management team of 6 and work with up to 20 student members of the company. They will be mentored by Business Advisors. The JA CP Trade Fair to be held in March 2021 is the highlight of the program. All student companies will set up their booths and sell their offerings to the public.


The JACP Entrepreneurial Journey

Student Takeaways

  • Develop leadership, communication, problem solving, team work and socialization skills

  • Build confidence and resilience

  • Acquire business, design, marketing, and financial management skills

  • Learn from business leaders and professionals

  • Have lots of fun and a life changing experience!

Marine Animal Protect FrontA JA Company from St. Francis Xavier's School, Tsuen Wan, JA CP 2019/20
“The process of creating the product for sale and selling it is truly enjoyable as it lets us come up with ideas that we can work with for the programme. It also teaches us that teamwork makes the dream work. As each of us have a role in the programme and we help each other out to obtain the outcome we wanted.”
Bears In MindA JA Company from Sacred Heart Canossian College, JA CP 2019/20
“It was a great opportunity to experience the rapidly changing business environment and learn the importance of teamwork and being flexible to the changes in the market.”
GAIAA JA Company from Victoria Shanghai Academy, JA CP 2019/20
“I learnt more about industry level business operations from well experienced individuals which was eye opening and versatile with what I am learning currently at school.”
AlpasA JA Company from YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College, JA CP 2019/20
“In this programme, I enjoyed working with other people who were working with me. The benefits you can gain from this programme is definitely communication skills and your listening skills. This is because as you are working with many different people. You as an employee has to be able to communicate your ideas to your fellow employees and as well listen to your other fellow employees’ ideas.”