About the Programme

Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JA HK) is a registered charitable institution in Hong Kong and a member of JA Worldwide. We believe in the boundless potential of young people and provide a range of ‘Other Learning Experiences’ to inspire and empower them for success in a global economy. Using an activity-based learning approach, JA HK partners with educators, the commercial and public sectors to develop the Work Readiness, Entrepreneurial Thinking and Financial Literacy of young people in Hong Kong.

JA Company Programme (JA CP) is one of the largest youth entrepreneurship programs in Hong Kong. It provides an entrepreneurial learning experience for young people aged 15-18 and seeks to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurial, innovative and civic-minded talents for Hong Kong.

Students will form a JA Company with 6 members as management and up to 20 students as company members. They will have hands-on experience of running a real business guided by Business Advisors. The JA CP Trade Fair will be held in March where all student companies will set up their booths and sell their offerings to the public.

This is an entrepreneurial learning experience for students to apply learnings to organization and operation of a simulated business as an entrepreneur. The “JA Company” (student company) of this program is not an legal entity. All stakeholders are under no legal or contractual obligation.

What is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an innovator – one who recognizes opportunities and organizes resources to take advantage of them. The four basic practices of successful entrepreneurs are:

Keys to Being an Effective JA Company Member

The management team members are expected to lead and attend ALL JA company meetings. Assignments may be made at or after meetings and will require your cooperation with other company members. You are recommended to check out JA CP online resources at: http://cp.jahk.org/ regularly for the important update and useful resources provided by JA HK.

You will learn what it takes to enable your JA Company to achieve your goal effectively:

  • Show Respect – Demonstrate to others that they and their work are important. Listen to their plans, ideas, and problems with respect.
  • Communicate – Convey your ideas or instructions clearly. Be sure that other members have the information they need from you to perform the job well.
  • Establish Objectives – Have written objectives and a timetable for accomplishing them.
  • Take Responsibility – Once objectives are set, accept responsibility for attaining them. If you need to delegate a task, delegate the responsibility as well. Be polite when giving and accepting orders.
  • Seek Advice – Ask for input from others on important issues, plans, and ideas.
  • Give Credit and Take the Blame – Acknowledge publicly others’ achievements. Accept responsibility if you have made a mistake.
  • Be Enthusiastic – A positive and optimistic attitude will help you gain the respect of others. Always be ready to lend a hand.
  • Demonstrate Good Sportsmanship – Show respect for yourself, your team members, your JA Company, and ALL fellow JA Companies. Learn how to appreciate others’ achievements.