Stakeholders of your JA Company

Shareholders are those who make a financial investment in corporate stock; stakeholders are a far larger group. They are those individuals who may make a significant contribution to the success of your company. As a JA Company, you have the obligations to clearly define your stakeholders and your responsibilities to them. You should also consider the interests of different groups and strike a balance among them during the business operations.

Your Company Members

Directors, managers and members will work closely together to set goals and monitor company progress.

You should have weekly meetings to review specific tasks that must be accomplished and discuss potential problems. At the same time, listen to others' advice and guidance, especially before recommending a change in procedure or policy. It is much more effective to work as a team member than as a dictator or lone ranger.

Your Shareholders

Keep in mind that shareholders from your company have each invested some money. While that sum may not seem like much, treat it as if it were $1,000,000. People have trusted you with their money and expect it to be returned with a dividend. Use their money wisely.

Your Customers

Respect your customers. Provide quality goods and services and charge a fair price. Your company has a reputation to uphold!

Your Business Advisors

The Business Advisors who assist you are volunteers and they have invested their time and experience in JA Company Programme. They want to see you gain as much out of the experience as possible. Treat them with respect.

Your School

Teachers and Principal have provided ongoing support for your company. Your active participation in the Programme can become their inspiration and can provide more opportunities for future students.

Your JA Team

JA is committed to the success of your company. If your team cannot resolve a particular issue, call upon JA Hong Kong Team for support.

Your Community

We live and work together in a community.
It is important that your company demonstrates good corporate citizenship and contribute to sustainable development of our community.