Key Dates

 Key Dates of JA Company Programme 2020/21 (updated on 12 Apr 2021)

Event/Task Type Date
LT & BA Orientation (Cantonese) Event 3-Oct (Sat)
LT & BA Orientation (English) Event 8-Oct (Thu)
Student Name list and Meeting Schedule provided by Link Teacher/Adult Coordinator Deadline 19-Oct (Mon)
Orientation of Team Members + 360 Entrepreneurs Workshop Event 24-Oct (Sat)
Expert Sharing Seminar Event 28-Nov (Sat)
Design Consultation Form Submission Deadline 7-Dec (Fri)
JA Company Registration Deadline 11-Dec (Fri)
Design Consultation Event 12-Dec (Sat)
Product sample submission on  4 Jan / 11 Jan / 18 Jan /25 Jan Deadline Booking required
CEO Briefing (1) on Trade Fair Event 6-Feb (Sat)
Trade Fair Event 13-Mar (Sat)
CEO Briefing (2) – Competitions & Awards Event 27-Mar (Sat)
Competition Materials Submission Deadline 12-Apr (Mon)
Semi-final Competition Event 24-Apr (Sat)
Final Competition & Award Ceremony Event 8-May (Sat)